The pressing need to curb healthcare spending and use healthcare resources wisely, along with the efficiencies that cloud-based systems offer, are converging factors that make cloud system adoption an advantageous opportunity for healthcare organizations (HCOs) and their laboratories. 

This white paper discusses three main advantages that a cloud-based solution offers specific to healthcare information systems:

  1. Cloud-based systems can increase the security of protected health information. Offloading the bulk of security measures to a cloud vendor makes data more secure and reduces the burden on the organization’s IT staff.
  1. HCOs that use a cloud-based information system can obtain a cost-effective IT solution without the capital layout or expenditure for internal IT staff to maintain and service the infrastructure. A subscription service levels the cost curve and eliminates costs peaks that occur across time.
  1. Cloud systems increase data redundancy and system availability (or uptime) by automating backups and disaster recovery options. This added data protection means that an HCO does not lose vital patient data and can minimize downtime.